What is guild hosting?

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Guild hosting has another name which may be common in various parts of world. It is also known as clan hosting. It is basically the service which is designed to support gaming communities surviving in online. This is one kind of web hosting service. It also varies from game server hosting. The companies providing those opportunities sometimes offer applications and communication tools excluding the gaming environment.
Guild hosting service allows its member to communicate with each other even outside the gaming world. As it is a tough job to maintain constant upgrade as well as integration of new software, guild hosting services have very complicated designs within those. But these complications will not touch the user at all. These complexities are maintained internally.
There are some typical features which are very common among all guild hosting services. They provide public as well as private forums and this ultimately leads into the nice communication among all users. Some services provide instant messaging and chatting servers to enhance the gaming enjoyment. There are tools available for tracking the different roster of characters which a player might have in MMORPG. Applications to schedule and organize raids and tournaments are available. Some apps are available to track treasures and items.
Generally, maximum portion of people who decided to build website used vBulletin and phpBB in web hosting services. With the ever growing complication in online games, many guild management sites went for advanced features at next. As, now a day multiple games in one websites has become popular, a need is felt to develop the capability of making multiple gaming portions within one website. A new CMS has been launched in 2009 to ensure the ability of forming multiple gaming divisions into one website. As the popularity of multiplayer online games is increasing day by day, numbers of guild hosting services are going to be increased.

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What is guild hosting?

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This article was published on 2011/01/11