Tips For Choosing The Right Podcast Host

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Are you looking for a web hosting service of a size much bigger than the standard html pages or the web images? What you need is a podcast hosting service. Podcasts are like mp3, wmv and mov files that occupy a large storage space. Choosing the right podcast host can be quite a task as there are many features to take into account. Here are a few tips to help you to make the correct, wise decision.
Using Your Present Hosting Package
You may consider using your present hosting package in order to set up your podcasts. However, you must know that podcasts are driven by mp3 files. In spite of having a good compression, the size of these files can be quite massive depending on the podcasts' true length. You may choose to use your paid-hosting package as it has a large bandwidth allocation. However, if your podcast gets a lot of traffic, in time you will notice the degradation of your website's performance. This will ultimately lead to your site's temporary shutdown owing to the bandwidth having exceeded. You may consider dedicated website hosting, but this can be quite expensive. So, what's the solution?
Podcast Hosting
To avoid having a poor performance website, it is recommended that you install a podcast host. A podcast hosting provider helps to manage large traffic to audio files. Besides, it is cheaper than the standard hosting packages. Some of the podcasting packages to choose from are:
Ø Libsyn: Liberated Syndication or Libsyn, the most popular audio- video hosting service provider, is known to have a better pricing scheme as compared to other hosting providers. It does not levy any charges for data transfer bringing value, especially to those podcasters having a large audience. Charges are instead levied per number of material uploaded each month. So, if you are a serious 
Ø podcaster, this is your best choice. this is an ideal package to use, HipCast: If you are a new podcaster, since it is user-friendly. Besides having good features and simple controls, the package is easy to set up. It is also quite reasonable.
Ø AudioAcrobat: AudioAcrobat is a slightly more expensive than HipCast. It lacks a few blogging features, which are present in HipCast. However, it does permit visitors to dial a telephone number and leave a voice message. This can be added to the podcast playlist.
Ø LibsynPro: This is a business version of Libsyn ideal for those users who handle numerous podcasts from one place or for non-technical users.
Ø GoDaddy: This provider offers three podcast plans, though none of them offer unlimited bandwidth or unlimited storage.
Ø OurMedia: This podcast provider offers a free hosting service for your audio and video files. There is unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.
Ø Odeo Studio: This provider has tools that record podcasts. It even stores them for sharing. You can upload as many files as you want to. Your podcasts will be hosted for free, though there is a 50mb

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Tips For Choosing The Right Podcast Host

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This article was published on 2010/10/28